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Servicecorp Co., Ltd., or Oceanic Global, one of the biggest industry groups in Thailand, with over a thousand employees in different sectors, such as Real Estate, Hospitality, F&B, Tourism, Wellness, Entertainment, Consultancy and Legal services, we are your one-stop partner when it comes to establishing and operating and optimizing your business on the Thai market.

Oceanic Global

Funded by its CEO Patrick Catellani in Thailand in the year 2000, the corporation recently expanded their business operations to also include Singapore and Dubai, now operating in those countries, as well as Switzerland, Italy and, of course, Thailand. Servicecorp Co., Ltd. has quickly established themselves as the leading actor in the various sectors by acquiring existing brands and by commencing strategic renovation programs that till date has lasted a decade. Today, Servicecorp serves as an one stop platform for investors, aiming to set foot in South-East Asia market and doing so in a pace unrivaled to other competitors on the market. In 2000, Servicecorp set foot in Thailand as business, starting to develop private residential properties including apartments, condominium units and private villas.

The business philosophy of Servicecorp has its roots in the foundational principle, that the protection of property as an investment is best achieved through high quality property management services.
We have adopted a positive approach to management, which emphasises on the importance of communication, organization and control of both the quality and supervision of the staff on-site. Up until today we’re launching an average of 2000 new units per year on the markets we operate in. Our Property Management Division is supported by our professional and technical expertise that flows throughout the corporation, which enables us to provide a comprehensive range of services. At Servicecorp, all staff that is employed by us, are required to observe and follow the company’s code of conduct, which places emphasis on developing and securing long-term relationships with our clients, suppliers and contractors alike; providing efficient and courteous customer service to maintain customer satisfaction – and on putting our clients first, by providing them with high-quality services at fair and reasonable fees.

In 2001, Servicecorp has chosen to take up activities in an additional sector; the yacht charter sector. The first boat was launched in 2001 and since then we kept renovating our fleet in order to assure that our guests experience nothing less but top-quality services, comfort and safety when chartering one of our boats. In this sector, we operate in Thailand, Malaysia, India and Myanmar.

The OAS accounting sector was launched in 2005, initially to provide accounting and auditing supports within the many Servicecorp branches; a sector that since expanded and now offers services to hundreds of third-party companies across the range of countries we operate in.

Harwell PL, a specialized HR division of Servicecorp, was established in 2009 and soon became known as a successful specialist in the fields of Technical Recruitment Consultancy, providing temporary and permanent staffing solutions to its clients worldwide.

In 2013 Servicecorp entered the F&B, Hospitality and Entertainment business sectors by acquiring and building many of the now vastly popular entertainment venues such as a number of hotels and restaurants in Phuket, Thailand.

Harwell Legal International Law Office started its operations in 2014 as a law firm, composed of a team of experienced international lawyers with specialities in legal services for properties, as well as the merging and acquisition practices for this particular sector.

The Singapore branch was established in 2016 one of the most reputable and appreciated commercial capitals of the world, with very attractive living conditions for Expats.

Since the foundation of Servicecorp, the essential ingredient of our overall philosophy has been to strive for excellence and become the primary providers of competitive, efficient and reliable resource solutions. The high regard in which we are held today, bears testimony to the measure of success, we have been able to achieve till date.


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